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Café. Arts. Serenity.

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In short. Fapados: everything, but industrial. Fapados, because it’s small, it’s creative, it’s good, and affordable. Fapados, because it’s humane.

What does it mean?

Fapados in Hungarian has two meanings: one is literal, a wooden bench, the other one is figurative: something that is comfortable, however does not cost too much. It is cosy, friendly, inviting, like our café.

Where does it come from?

From talent support…In answering the question in what and how do we help young talents? The idea of creating a café, which could work as a community space, and next to a multitude of functions, it could also be a place for talent training and support, popped-up. Thus, a café, as a community space, was born.

More. The main idea is to create a cultural space, where the atmosphere supports creativity (hence the idea of a café) so that the work we do there, together with young talents from the local art school and not only, comes to fruition through everyone’s positive attitude, liberating the creative energies, this way becoming tangible stepping stones for their future. This artistic space, will get into shape in a coffee shop, where the coffee itself comes from carefully selected and roasted beans, from the hands of a Hungarian coffee specialist, Sipos Gábor (Semiramis Coffee- webpage: The Fapados Cultural Café, will be a place, with independent cultural season, a place for theatre performances, contemporary drama-reading nights, concerts, graphic arts and artisan exhibitions, and a lot more that come under the umbrella of the genre. Together with my partner, theatre director Zalán Zakariás, we have dreamt of creating something unique, out of the institutionalised framework, which stands as an opportunity for those, who choose to use it and are not afraid to work towards their goals.

Thus, we have worked out a three year plan to be our “trial”

12 theatre performances, i.e. creating 6 performances from international dramas (premier and further shows), 3 independent plays, written by me, and their avant premier,
- 3 theatre performances, directed by Zalán Zakariás, furthermore
- 4 workshops, with different topics, and
- international contemporary drama-reading nights, which would be held once every other week.

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02 uz volgye valea uzului 2019 05 12

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02 uz volgye valea uzului 2019 05 12

02 uz volgye valea uzului 2019 05 12

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